Founder Of WorldStarHipHop Dead At 43



Lee O’Denat, known as “Q,” was the Founder of WorldStarHipHop, a popular urban website featuring hip hop music videos, viral videos, and entertainment news.

O’Denat was pronounced dead at 5:30pm on Monday. According to police, O’Denat became unresponsive at a massage parlor in San Diego. Paramedics attempted to revive O’Denat with CPR but were unsuccessful. The cause of death was attributed to heart disease with obesity as a contributing factor. O’Denat was 43 years old.

WorldStar confirmed that the reports were true but said the site would continue on.

“Q was a brilliant businessman who championed urban culture, ultimately creating the largest hip-hop website in the world,” the statement said. “But more than that, he was a devoted father and one of the nicest, most generous persons to ever grace this planet.”

Q founded WorldStar in 2005. He sought deals to bring WorldStar further into the mainstream. Earlier this month, MTV2 announced they would air a series titled “WorldStar TV,” the show will be premiered on February 3rd.

Chris Powell will be the host of “WorldStar TV,” the show will consist of cultural figures and comics giving commentary on viral web clips.

Watch “Q’s” 2014 Interview on “The Breakfast Club” below.

R.I.P. Lee “Q” O’Denat.